Are Kitchen Colours Important?

How important is the colour of your kitchen do you think? I guess one would assume that as long as it blends with the house main décor and style, that is all we need. Sorry, not that simple. No matter if you are watching chefs in action through your favourite restaurants open kitchen or cooking your favourites in your own kitchen, believe it or not, colour plays an important role.

In the residential market there are many owners who just love colours and go for a vibrant kitchen colour and design. But then there are the more conservative crowd that are a bit colour shy and need a bit of convincing to step outside their comfort zone. There is always the fear of making a mistake but the good thing is, that there is no need to colour the entire kitchen in the colour you ‘think’ you like then realise it is not how you envisaged the final appearance. Check your colour by painting a wall (or part) and see how it looks over the following day or two. Maybe you will find that you like the colour but not too much. You will quickly find a flow on effect whereby you can match that colour with a light/darker hue or even a contrasting colour.

A popular colour choice is often an off-white of varying shades and a stronger white for trim. This is far from exciting and it will not make a statement. So, do not be afraid of using a bold paint colour because it will most certainly change the dynamics of your new or remodelled kitchen.

A popular misconception is that by selecting a natural colour, everything in the kitchen and surrounds will blend with it. But by looking outside the square, if a tasteful blue or deep green or even a red with burgundy undertones is applied, the end result could well amaze you. It is a good idea to seek out example kitchens with these sorts of colours in showrooms and/or online and you may become a believer in vibrant kitchen colours.