The Importance of the Correct Kitchen Benchtop

Benchtops are primarily places to work so it is important that they are practical, functional and suitable for your purposes.  However, it is also important that your kitchen benchtop works in with the aesthetic of your kitchen design.  There are a wide range of kitchen benchtop styles suitable for Sydney kitchens, but to choose the right benchtop you will need to consider cost, style and maintenance.

Cost:  This is one of the most important factors to consider as there is a huge difference in price between the most affordable benchtops and the most expensive.  Cheaper laminate benchtops, for example, can be ordered by the metre and cut to fit on site, while more expensive materials such as marble and granite need to be prepared specifically for your needs and installed using special methods.

Style:  This is always a big consideration in the kitchen and it is a huge factor as far as benchtops go.  Some materials are better suited to a particular style of kitchen than others – for example, wood works far better than stainless steel in a provincial style kitchen, whereas stainless steel would work perfectly in an ultra-modern minimalist kitchen.

Maintenance:  You should definitely have an idea of the amount of maintenance required for different materials before you decide on which benchtop is right for you.  Certain acrylic and laminate products won’t take will to having hot cookware placed on top of them, and other surfaces like timber will need to be treated periodically to ensure they maintain their resistance to moisture, heat and scratching.

Talk through all your options with your Just Kitchens Sydney design specialist to ensure you make the best benchtop choice possible for your lifestyle and budget.